Protect, preserve, promote, and support quality public library service in Nova Scotia.

The Facts

  • Public libraries provide excellent value for dollars spent
  • Nova Scotian public libraries are award winning and internationally recognized for their innovation

Nova Scotians use public libraries

  • 3,699,579 Nova Scotians visit a public library per year
  • 321,243 Nova Scotians have a free library membership card
  • 7,225,857 books and other materials are borrowed each year
  • 505,181 hours of computer use is logged each year in a public library
  • 196,869 people take part in a library program each year

Nova Scotia Public libraries contribute to community social and economic growth

  • 834 Nova Scotians are employed by public libraries
  • Over $30 million dollars goes into Nova Scotia communities each year through public libraries
  • Hundreds of youth are hired each year in skilled and community oriented jobs
  • Public libraries are located in many rural communities
  • Public libraries are excellent community partners, providing skills and administration to many community ventures
  • Public libraries provide community public spaces welcoming to all
  • Public libraries make Nova Scotian communities good places to live and work

Nova Scotia public libraries provide a wide range of lifelong learning services

  • 77 branch public libraries are located throughout Nova Scotia
  • Public libraries also offer mobile branch, books by mail, and outreach branch services
  • Public libraries offer 24 hour service through online libraries
  • Nova Scotia public libraries offer a selection of 2,398,115 books and other materials
  • Public libraries offer access to over 700 computers each year with high speed internet and a complete suite of software
  • Public libraries provide over 11,000 programs each year to all ages that support lifelong learning and family literacy
  • Public libraries provide 24 hour high speed wireless access

Source: 2008-09 Nova Scotia Provincial Library Annual Report. Department of Education.